Vino y Tapas

2 uur onbeperkt tapas voor 28,95 p.p.

2 hours unlimited tapas for 28.95 p.p.



Spicy meatballs in tomato sauce 

Alitas de pollo 

Picante chicken wings 

Datil con mozerella 

Dates with brie, olive and cherry tomato 

Patatas Bravas 

Baked potatoes with brava sauce 

Champinnones al ajillo 

Fried mushrooms with garlic 

Cebolla a la romana 

Fried onion rings 

Croquetas con all i oli 

Potato croquettes with all i oli 

Gambitas al ajillo 

Fried shrimps with garlic 

Solomillos Tenderloin 

Tenderloin beef tips in garlic oil 

Merluza picante 

Pieces of hake in a picante sauce 


Tortilla chips with melted cheese and tomato sauce 

Pollo picante 

Picante chicken fillet with fried onions and bell pepper 


Green olives 

Patatas Vino y Tapas 

Baked potatoes with all i oli 

Wrap con all i oli 

Crispy fried wrap with all i oli 

Pan con ajo 

Garlic bun from the oven 

Pan Con Tomate 

Grilled sandwich with tomato, cheese and all i oli 

Pan picante

Spicy Sandwich with all i oli and jalapenos 

Pollo al ajillo 

Fried chicken pieces with garlic 

Tomate con queso 

Cherry tomatoes with brie and olives 

Pepino con salmon 

Cucumber filled with salmon salad 

Zucchini al horno Grilled 

Zucchini with cream cheese 

Tapa atun 

Filled wrap with fresh tuna salad 

Pepperoni verde 

Green pickled peppers 

Pan con pesto i pmiento 

Tapa with pesto and grilled bell pepper 

Pimiento con queso de hierbas 

Grilled bell pepper with herb cheese 

Pan con chorizo 

Grilled sandwich with chorizo ​​and all i oli

Vino y Tapas 5 course menu 


Assortment of small starters (hot and cold) 

Soup of the day

                                                                       Shrimps with garlic                                                                            

Hake fillet in a garden herbs / cream sauce 

Fried chicken with garlic  

Spicy marinated skewers

Beef tips in garlic/cream sauce

Vanilla ice cream, Brownie and whipped cream 

Euro 33.50 p.p.